As well as other Neopet players pets, there are over 50 secret characters that you can challenge in the Neopets Battledome. 

As they become active you will be able to see them on this page. Some are automatically active, and some you have to track down (see list below)

You can only equip 8 weapons per pet for each battle, and 8 abilities equipped to your pet during the battle. Just remember that abilities use power

As with all games, especially battling, read the Rules.

There are 6 battledome arenas, the arena depends which challenger you are fighting.

Unlike Defenders of Neopia & DoN2 you can fight any challenger in any order.



Mummy HP 42

visit here

Punchbag Bob HP 0

Automatic - good for testing weapons

Punchbag Sid HP 150 (Bob's evil twin)

he may randomly appear whilst fighting Bob BUT unlike Bob, he hurts you

The Brain Tree HP 91

Do one of his quests

Pant Devil HP 21

Random Event

Jelly Chia HP 125

visit this Gallery of Evil page

Count Von Roo HP 90

Random Event

Lava Ghoul HP 120

Random Event

Mutated Chia HP 40

Random Event

Flaming Meerca HP 40


Shadow Usul HP 175

Random Event

Tiki Tack Man HP 63

Visit the Tiki Tack Shop

Balthazar HP 320

Random Event at the Haunted Woods, fight him and lose to receive this avatar

Edna HP 80

Complete one of her quests, she comes out for battling only between 12am and 1am NST

Grarrg HP 100

Get him at the Tyrannian Town Hall

Chiazilla HP 500

Random Event refreshing here

Spider Grundo HP 175

At this Gallery of Evil Page

Snowager HP 650

Get Blasted by Snowager

Harry the Mutant Moehog HP 35


Sabre-X HP 79

Random Event around the Tyrannian Plateau

Kauvara HP 70

See her Neopedia entry

The Esophagor HP 49

Complete one of his quests, not as a part of The Brain Tree Quests

Cave Chia HP 58

Random Event here and refresh (a lot)

Snow Faerie HP 105

Complete one of her quests

Ryshu the Nimmo HP 250

Visit the Mystery Island Training School Courses page

Robo Grarrl HP 150


Koi Warrior HP 62

Random Event when refreshing here

Space Faerie HP 450

Reedem a Rare Item Code here

Magnus the Torch HP 85

Go here (you may need to refresh)

Clown Chia HP 10


Highland Chia HP 58


Meuka HP 60

Get Sneezles or Neoflu and take a look at your pets Quick Ref.

Commander Garoo HP 120

Random Event here

>Ghost Lupe HP 32

Go to 131 soup alley

Kasuki Lu HP 38

Have the card Kasuki Lu and view it (just click on it)

Tekkitu the Witch Doctor HP 120

Go on the Tiki Tours

Zafara Rogue HP 39

Visit the Deep Catacombs and refresh

Vira HP 80

Random Event

Tax Beast HP 85

Random Event - if he finds you he will take 10% of your np on hand

Sidney HP 84

Win a Level 3 or above prize with one of the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards

Advisor Broo HP 130

Random Event whilst playing Dice-a-roo

Plumbeard HP 260

Visit him in his room at the Swashbucklers Academy

Black Pteri HP 89

Random Event

Meerca Henchmen HP 150

Visit the Desert Trapdoor and refresh (a lot)

(if you get an old book, ignore it, its from an old mystery.)

Giant Ghostkerchief HP 250

Visit this news page - (from Halloween 03).

Boochi HP 15

Random Event - Your pet will be turned into a Baby

Evil Sloth Clone HP 85

Visit Kreludor

Snow Beast HP 300

Random event Advent Calendar ( may not work whilst the advent is out of use, try in December) Also may work randomly around Terror Mountain

Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby HP 350

Random Event Here

Turmaculus HP 225

Wake up turmy and have him eat your petpet

Mootix Warrior HP 375


Down for Maintenance Pteri HP 75

Random Event

Lab Ray Scientist HP 185

Random Event within the Secret Lab - You need to have a complete lab map to get this one

Kastraliss HP 400

Type Kastraliss in the search bar on the left and refresh the page that comes up until you get the challenger

Inflatable Balthazar HP 1


Slug Monster HP 500

Have Slug Flakes in your inventory and visit here you will need to click the central section and get the go away sea slug ~ thanks to big_jmwp

Quiggle War Lord HP 69

Have your Quiggle do a battle (I did a 1 player against Inflatable Balthazar, won, pressed next and the event appeared)

The Drenched HP 600

refresh here

Qasalan Mummy HP 550

refresh here

Greedy Kadoatie HP 125

Random Event - You will receive the challenger when you lose 5000np in the Mutant Kad event

Mr Chuckles HP 10

Refresh at the Coconut Shy

Eyrieki HP 25

Visit the Lost Desert Temple and enter one of the doors

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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