Codestones & Dubloons

Where can I find codestones and dubloons?

Codestones and dubloons can be found all over the site. You may be lucky and find one on the floor. This is very rare, so dont bank on it :) Most commonly you will find codestones using the Shop Wizard. Then simply type in the type of codestone or dubloon you want, or just the word codestone or dubloon and the Wizard will try his best to find you a good deal.


Training your pet

When people say they are training their pets, what they mean is that, their pets regularly attend one of the training school's, 

depending on which course you take, increases your pets stats, which makes them stronger, and hopefully, beat their battledome opponent.

Courses include :






Neopets - The Mystery Island Training School

Mystery Island Training School

Course Types**

Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours

Level 250+ must now train there pets using red codestones.

Mau Tai-Kai Lu Vo Eo 
Main Zei Orn Har Bri
Mag Vux Cui Kew Sho

To make Red codestones, by taking a complete set of normal ones here, or just buy them from players shops. Certain of the Red ones are incredibly rare and don't appear very often

(please read the rules, on the codestone redemption page, you only get ONE random red codestone, when you swap a FULL set of the regular ones.)

Neopets - Secret Ninja Training School

To gain entry you need your pet to be level 250+, uses the red codestones


Dubloons are the main currency on Krawk Island.

They are the only acceptable currency in the shops. these include:

Neopets - The Pirate Pet Shop

Krawk Island Nippers - Your very own pirate petpet shop

Neopets - The Golden Dubloon

The Golden Dubloon - Feed your pet gourmet food, if you are really really lucky, they might not be able to finish it all, and you get to keep the food, (usually unbuyable)

Neopets - Smugglers Cove

The Infamous Smugglers Cove - At the bottom of a cliff in Krawk Island lies a cave, a place where smugglers can sell their ill-gotten gains. Rare items from all over Neopia can be found here, at a price.

Restocked VERY rarely, you can get super rare items (inc super attack pea), but also they have silly things like an apple for 50 dubloons, so don't get over eager when its stocked.

Neopets - Swashbuckling Academy

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

The type of course ya take depends on the level of yer Neopet. Me academy only takes Neopets up ta level 40.

your level must be at least half of the stat you wish to increase.

sometimes he is very generous and is gives away free training (like on your pet's day).

Course Types

Course Type Neopet Level Cost Dubloon Length
Sea Urchin 10 and under 1 Dubloon 4 hours
Deckhand 11-20
2 Dubloons 6 hours
Pirate 21-30
5 Dubloons 8 hours
Cap'n 31-40 5 Dubloons 10 hours

Dubloons can be won in Black Pawkeet Slots (not currently as the game has been disabled due to cheating) or Coltzan's Shrine, and found in random events, But mostly you are restricted to buying from other players.

If you do happen to stumble across some, you can exchange them for other dubloons, at the Dubloon-O-Matic

This strange machine lets you exchange your Dubloons for higher denomination coins.

1 2 5 10 20
50 100 200 500 1000



Footnote on training your pet: 

**Unlike the swashbuckling academy, where you know what dubloons you need before you choose a course.

Mystery islands training school, is random of what codestones it could ask for, and you only find out after booking the course.

your pets can only be in ONE training school at a time.

Q: How do I enroll my Neopets in the Swashbuckling Academy?

You need to go to the Krawk Island (click on explore, them on Krawk Island). The Swashbuckling Academy is on the bottom right hand side of the map. Click on 'Courses', and then choose what course you wish to enroll your Neopet on. Once you decide, you will be told how many Dubloons you need to pay for the course. Give Captain Threelegs his payment and your Neopet will start their course.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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