the items highlighted are now retired.

The First thing to know with the album and possibly the most important is, that once you put an item in the album it is NOT removable, the item stays in there forever.

Get stamps from the post office (click image above)
but, don't forget you can also get stamps from the igloo garage sale

Get your coins from the collectable coin shop (click link below)

As with most Neopian collections, you can also win trophies as well as avatars for collecting stamps

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Please note you can only win these if you actually put your stamp in your stamp album

***If you are going to start collecting stamps, coins, coconuts or sea shells I suggest that you don't buy up all the cheap ones, go for the most expensive you can buy at that time, because if there comes a time when you become poor, you will still be able to collect them.***

The Evil Coconuts

these are awarded as prizes at the coconut shy

Sea Shells

Collectable Sea Shells
The finest shells in all of Neopia come from Maraqua, of course.


Collectors will be thrilled to hear that there is a new collectors album page where you can collect charms from the Toy Shop.


2nd Oct

Stamp collectors will be rushing to the Post Office for these new stamps.

28th Aug

The Post Office has issued some new stamps!

4th July

Wow! There is a new set of stamps to add to your stamp album. Why not stop at the Post Office

21st June

These new Stamps are sure to please collectors.

4th March

This is the last Stamp that collectors will need to finish off their Shenkuu Stamp album.

23rd February

Neopets will be racing to the Post Office to get these stamps!

24th January

Stamp collectors will be pleased to hear that the Post Office has released some new Shenkuu stamps.

17th October

Collectors will be thrilled to hear that there is a new collectors album page where you can collect these adorable charms from the Toy Shop.

Bori, Chomby, Chia and Nimmo - 'Collectable Gnome Charm' s

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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