Neopets Dailies


did you know that there are free daily activities?

below is a list, that I recommend you do, in order to feed your pet for free and maybe even win some rare items.

Click on the banners or headings to follow the link!

(use only your main account to carry out these duties - Do not create multiple accounts to do this, This is against the rules, and people who cheat have their accounts frozen.)

I suggest that you bookmark the following pages

Now don't forget to do the obvious things to look after your money.

Collect Daily Interest
Welcome to the National Neopian Bank

Check your shop till
Neopets - Shops owned by the owners of Neopia!

Check your stocks if you have them
Neopets Stock Market

Go to the lab ray if you have access
The Laboratory

Petpet Lab Ray
The Petpet Laboratory

If the Banners or Links don't show for you they are being blocked by ad blockers in your browser, unless you figure how to allow them they wont work, the ones most likely to be affected are the Sponsor ones


Neopets - The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

You can now receive a prize if you visit the plushie
Weltrude's Toy Chest Look in the Toy Chest (ONCE a day)
Movie Central Go through the doorway that has the food images, Select a pet, either click the drinks machine or the popcorn or burgers and then press the chomping face in the last of the three spaces along the bottom
Kids Cuisine The Kitchen Choose you pet, select the food then feed
Qasalan Expellibox If you find a scarab, deposit it into the Qasalan Expellibox.. The further from Qasala the scarab gets, the better your prize. You may only deposit a scarab once per day, though. We wouldn't want to clog the tubes.
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ A guide has been made up here
Wheel of Slime Step right up, spin a wheel and win Neopoints. You can spin the wheel once every eight hours!
Wheel of Slime Step right up, spin a wheel and win Neopoints. You can spin the wheel once every eight hours! (different link to the one above)
Fashion Fever All you need to do here is start, end game and send score and thats 300 x 3 each day, you can of course dress the pet if you wish
Lunar Temple Guessing will give you a prize, if you are right you get a better prize, Once a day, An Excellent Guide is here (apparently the guide no longer gives correct answers, please let me know if there is another one out there)
Council Chamber Collect your Gift once a day - You MUST have completed the Altador plot to do this
Neopets - Tiki Tack Tombola!!! You can do this once a day - (your account need to be at least 24 hours old)
You can do this once a day, you may receive an item (there is an avatar too)
Neopets - The Neopet Fruit Machine You can do this once a day
Neopets - The biggest omelette in the world! You can do this once a day (if its gone, try again later) (you get 3 meals per omelette)
Neopets - Free Jelly! You can do this once a day (if its gone, try again later) (you get 2 meals per jelly)
Neopets - Coltzan's Shrine You can do this every 12 hours if you get the message "Maybe you should wait a while before visiting the shrine again.... " you have visited too soon, you can win dubloons, food, np or increase yours pets stats or of course absolutely nothing. (your account need to be at least 48 hours old)
Neopets - Faerieland Healing Springs You can go here every 30 mins (even if you don't need healing, she can give you potions that you can sell.)
Underwater Fishing
it is in the old Maraquan Ruins
Welcome to the underwater fishing cavern! This trapped air pocket has created an underwater lake with all kinds of strange and wondrous sea creatures, as well as some... other interesting things. Take a place on the jetty and start fishing! But be patient. You might have to wait a while between catches. There is an avatar for this. You can fish with all pets, try ever 3 - 4 hours, it is random but the more you try the better, an excellent guide can be found here
Neopets - Mysterious Symol Hole If your petpet jumps in he may come back with nothing, a few np or even an item (you can do this as many times a day as you want too) or it may even get an avatar
Neopets - Adver-Video Watch the video upto 5 times a day, spin after each viewing and supposedly win that amount. Sometimes it doesn't load if you use Firefox
This is one section where sponsors NP earning *games* are put. If you don't get the Neopoints send in a bug report to Neopets NOT ME
please let me know when they are taken off again, the send score games have been moved here
Cereal Adventure Theatre, Bazaar thing, Mystery Reveled, Froot Loops, Bedrock, Flying Fire, Madagascar, Raven, Rihanna, Robots, Voice, Sand of Time
PetPet Adventures -
The Wand of Wishing

 I can't get the trailer to load so you can't get the final orb, but you still get the points for the other ones so I am leaving this up

  • Orb 1 click on the swirling vortex as the page is loading
  • Orb 2 you get automatically for going to the page
  • Orb 3 Click on Story on left hand side
  • Orb 4 Go to Downloads and press download, you can always cancel
  • Orb 5 Visit the website TWICE
  • Orb 6 Watch the trailer
You would have collected each orb and 1000 neopoints. It doesn't always show up right away but will show up eventually. You can do this once every 24 hours.
Neopets - The Shop Of Offers This page has various offers from sponsors that you can sign up for and get Np, however, just clicking on the page, should give you a free slorg award usually around 50 or 100np - you can do this once daily.
Neopets - The Soup KitchenYou can feed your pet til its bloated, (only people with under 3,000 NP can use it though)
Neopets - Grumpy Old Kingtell the king a joke twice a day, they don't have to make sense, if it is good enough you will get an avatar, if it is terrible you would get a different avatar
Neopets - Wise Old King Same idea as the grumpy old king different selections will get a response or not, score A+ (750+) and you will get an Avatar
Neopets - Daily Mystery Island Haiku Contemplate this, and return tomorrow for another Neopian haiku. (refreshing or regular visiting may get you an avatar)
Potato Counter You can do this three times a day
Guess the number of potatoes. If you guess right you win some Neopoints. The faster you guess the more neopoints you get.
Neopets - Hut of the Island MysticThere is no prize or cost in doing this but if he says a phrase with Kyrii in you get the avatar
Neopets - McDonald's Daily Giveaway you get a few np and a prize, only works at certain times (not currently active)

Timed events

Neopets - The Snowager He is asleep 3 times a day 6 - 7 AM,2 - 3 PM & 10 - 11 PM (NST), 
Count von Roo's Deadly Dice He is only awake between 12 - 1 am (NST) that's 8-9 am (uk) if you win you gain a level, but he can also, lower them. (your pet must be level 2 or above, there is an avatar if your lucky to throw and get a draw, he allows you to do double or nothing, once you get the av, I suggest you stop playing, as if you lose he takes it off you again.
Neopets - Guess the weight of the Marrow! Ahhhh... all the fun that can be had down on the farm! Why not have a go at one of Meridell's more popular pastimes - guessing the weight of the Marrow! (has to grow each day so that's why I put it in the timed section)
Neopets - Turmaculus...

picovamde has made a petpage with predictions of Turmy's awake times

Your petpet must try to  wake Turmy, his sleeping pattern changes daily, but when he does wake up he can make your pet stronger or your petpet gain a level, he has been known to give out rare objects, but beware, he also EATS petpets, so make sure your fave petpet isn't on your active pet when you visit him.
Neopets - Illusen's Glade You can do Illusen OR Jhudora quests every 12 hours, the more you do the higher the level, the top level prizes are valuable BUT if you fail to get an item in the time allowed you have to start from Level 1 again. The quest can be VERY expensive
Neopets - Jhudora's Cloud
Neopets - Advent Calendar You can do this once a day (Only in the month of December), Visiting here at other times of year may get Winter random events
Scratchcards You may buy a Scratchcard from any ONE of the scratchcard vendors every 2 hours for Deserted Fairground, 4 hours for Lost Desert & 6 hours for Scratchcard Kiosk , you can scratch upto five cards a day at each vendor, (cost between 500 and 1200 np)

Once a MONTH or one off- may change from month to month

Neopets Magazine Word Scramble
Win 1000np
The answers ARE case sensitive so don't use capital letters

Answer for #21 woowoogrub, Answer for #22 pandaphant
Answer for #23 yooyuball, Answer for #24 snowmuncher
Answer for #25 money tree
There wont be any more as the magazine has been discontinued

Neopets - Redeem Your Freebies!

Do this once a month
Account must be at least 30 days old to do this

Quoted from the page - Freebies For You!

Hey, ! We're sure you're aware of this month's nifty bonus or you wouldn't be here, but here's a rundown just in case.

Because we're feeling generous and because you deserve it, we're giving away 2,000 Neopoints and some food for your pets... absolutely free! Hoorah! Each of your pets has chosen a food to take with them and 2,000 Neopoints have been added to your account.

Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal If you click the right arrow on the bottom of the headstone repeatedly it goes to 300 free points one time offer after 3 or so clicks.

Need a fast PC

Neopets - Donate your Neopoints and Items The Money Tree is a place where people donate their Neopoints. The more items you take per day, the less chance of you picking something up.
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe Welcome to the Second-Hand Shoppe! Are you seeking stylish wearable items for your Neopet? Look no further! Here you'll find dozens of fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories... and they're all free, thanks to the kind donations of Neopian citizens.
Feel free to rummage through the racks or even make a donation of your own!

Neopets - The Meridell Rubbish Dump

it's where people go to get rid of stuff that has started to smell SO bad they don't want to be near it any more. very rarely has rubbish in, and well if it does its only umm RUBBISH

Small fee activities (your account need to be at least 48 hours old for most of them)

Neopets - Buried Treasure Can YOU find the treasure?
(you can try once every three hours) costs
*150np or 300np per play. - Treasure Tracker, *it randomly changes for no particular reason
The Neopian Lottery - do you have your ticket yet? The Neopian Lottery is run everyday at 4am NST. It costs 100 Neopoints to play, and 100% of the prizes are shared amongst the players, plus a 5,000 Neopoint bonus!!!

Neopets - The Wishing Well

make a donation to the well and make a wish for an item that you would like, usually gives out 1 paintbrush per day, and various other wishes.
Neopets - The Wheel of Excitement! 150 NP a go. You can only spin the wheel once every two hours. this can give 10,000 np or rare items, the good prizes outweigh the bad, there is a time setting on the prizes -- Full wheel prizes and details can be found here
Neopets - The Wheel of Monotony It Costs 100NP to Play, it can take anywhere from half an hour to a (reported) 12 hours, to stop spinning, you can win, paint brushes and pet pets, plus if you are lucky an avatar, but unfortunately there is also, a lot of things that can harm your pet, You can play once every 24 hours -- Full wheel prizes and details can be found here
Neopets - The Wheel of Misfortune!

many thanks to Java that sent in this link to bypass the broken link

Step right up, step right up, one and all for the .... Wheel of Misfortune. Give it a spin and see what it lands on, only 100 NP a go. You can only spin the wheel once every two hours. -- Full wheel prizes and details can be found here

Neopets - The Wheel of Mediocrity Roll up, roll up, Ladies and Gentlemen... Only 50 Neopoints a spin! The Wheel of Mediocrity! Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia! One spin of the wheel could win you a prize, or it could end in.. something nasty. You can play every 40 minutes -- Full wheel prizes and details can be found here
Neopets - The Wheel of Knowledge It Costs 500NP to Play, Welcome, scholars and scholaresses to the Wheel of Knowledge. You could win Neopoints, an item, or even our grand prize - wisdom from the mouth of King Hagan himself. Let the enlightenment begin! You can play once every 24 hours --& Full wheel prizes and details can be found here

Immensely frustrating (I don't know how else to describe these, they are rigged the chances of winning anything decent are slim, but you can get lucky - the bottom line is a good way of wasting lots of np)

Neopets - The Strength Test! It costs 100NP to play, the prizes are very random on this, but usually even if your score isn't good, you still get spooky food or np. you can play once every 6 hours.
Neopets - The Coconut Shy Guide here
Neopets - Bagatelle It costs 250 NP you can try your luck. Simply launch the Mootix ball and see where it lands. The higher the number the better your prize! The stars will give you an item, and the gold star will win you the JACKPOT! -- (Anyone else notice the books under the left leg tipping the table ~ Lin)
Neopets - Cork Gun Gallery

It takes forever to load

Well hello there, stranger! Welcome to the FINEST game kiosk this side of the Wheel of Misfortune, which is just over there. *points*. For a mere 100 Neopoints per shot, you could be on your way to winning fabulous prizes! Such a very small price to pay, don't you think?

If you manage to knock one of those faboo items off the shelf, you get to keep it as a prize! Aim carefully, though. If you miss, you're out of luck... not that missing happens often or anything. I mean it's so easy, a Meowclops could do it. (Look at this face. Would I lie to you?)

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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