Neopets - Defenders of Neopia!

Defenders of Neopia

Not all of the pets in Neopia are nice and friendly and cuddly, some are pure EVIL!!

Neopets - The Gallery of Evil

Defenders of Neopia, is Neopets way of beating up the not so nice people who prey on defenceless pets.

If you visit Judge Hogg at the defenders head quarters, he will give you a breakdown of the latest victim and of course the culprit.

You have to track the culprit down (see list below) and beat them into oblivion, in a one player challenge.

They have to be fought in this order, to get the trophies - they will show up in your enemies file.


Opponent Details Trophy
1 Pant Devil HP 21

Random Event

2 Ghost Lupe HP 32

Go to 131 soup alley

3 Cave Chia HP 58

Random Event here and refresh (a lot)

4 Meuka HP 60

Get Sneezles or Neoflu and take a look at your pets Quick Ref

5 The Brain Tree HP 91

Complete the Brain Tree quest and get the Brain Tree

6 Commander Garoo HP 120

Random Event here

7 Tekkitu the Witch Doctor HP 120

Go on the Tiki Tours

8 Meerca Henchmen HP 150

Visit the Desert Trapdoor and refresh (a lot)

(if you get an old book, ignore it)

9 Giant Ghostkerchief HP 250

Visit the newspage.

10 Evil Sloth Clone HP 85

Visit Kreludor

11 Snow Beast HP 300

Random event Advent Calendar

12 Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby HP 300

Random Event Here

13 Mootix Warrior HP 375

Automatic Opponent

14 Kastraliss HP 400

Refresh here

15 Slug Monster HP 500

Have Slug Flakes in your inventory and visit here you will need to click the central section to get the go away sea slug

16 The Drenched HP 600

refresh here above water outlook needs to be wet/gloomy/raining for this to work

17 Qasalan Mummy HP 550

refresh here

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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