Unlike Jhudora or Illusen, faerie quests are completely random, it makes no difference where you spend most of your day, they will appear from nowhere and ask you to find them an object, depending on which faerie requests the item, you will be awarded greatly. there is no time limit on these quests, however whilst you are on one, you are limited to shopping without the wizard.

Fire Faerie Quest: Light Faerie Quest: Earth Faerie Quest:
This Faerie keeps scorching her outfit and needs more clothes. In return she will increase your pet's strength. The Light Faerie requires specific trading cards and will raise your one of your pet's level. In return for certain magic items, the Earth Faerie will give one of your pets a grand feast! (which restores hp and makes the pet bloated) (usually not worth it unless you have a starving or injured pet)
Dark Faerie Quest:
Water Faerie Quest:
Air Faerie Quest:
The Dark Faerie requires some test subjects for her spells. Bring her a model or toy and she will increase your pet's health in return. (HP) Water Faeries will raise your defence for a price. They are hungry for knowledge (books), and if you provide what they need, they can be very generous.

The Air Faerie wants certain beauty products to make her more radiant. In return she will make your pet more swift. (increases movement - speed)

The Faerie Queen:
Space Faerie Quest: Fountain Faerie Quest:
On rare occasions you will be offered a quest from the most powerful Faerie of all. Be warned, her challenge will be very tough, but if your pets are up to it, her rewards are usually an increase or 2 to your pets stats. As with the other rare quests, the space faerie can ask for anything of any price. Give her the item she wants and your pet gains 4 levels. (its really worth it, especially if you have a high levelled pet). Most rare and valued of all quests, can be anything from a couple of hundred NP to an unbuyable object. she allows you to paint your ACTIVE pet any colour available (that excludes Lab Ray Only colours), you do not have to paint your pet straight away after handing the quest item in, to paint your pet you must take it to the rainbow fountain

Sometimes you don't see a random event for your quest, and you only discover you've been asked to get an item, after you go to the shop wizard and the faerie appears and she refuses to serve you.

after all, how easy would it be if you were allowed to use the wiz?

there will be a link on that page which will lead you back to the faeries quest, you can either go ahead and find the item or refuse there.

If you can't remember what the item was, or you want to refuse the quest, either go back to the wiz or go to the Quests page.

The only quest which most people tend to refuse is the earth faerie, as she just feeds and heals your pet., so unless they are starving or injured it can be a waste of money. (she cannot heal sick pets, ones with illness's)

the faeries do not always bless your active pet. It is random which one gets blessed

I highly recommend that you search out cheap grooming shops, and cheap clothing shops, and bookmark them in case you get a quest, unless you have a nice guild, which you can post your needs they will either send you the item or at least show you the shop with the cheapest one in.

There is also a quest chat room, if you get really stuck, someone should point you in the right direction, unless they are scamming you and they have bought one and priced it outrageous in there own shop so you will buy it. If someone says to buy the item from their shop DONT, it is usually way overpriced

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