Neopets - Buried Treasure


The Treasure of the Black Pawkeet is Lost in the waters of Krawk island.

The rapid tides of Neopia keep the treasure moving around the island waters, (and occasionally on land too).

firstly you have to understand ITS A LOT OF TREASURE, so some is spilt out in a trail to the main treasure,

so if your winning small amounts, chances are you are close to the jackpot, even booby prizes means your getting close

 The treasure doesn't just occupy one block. It occupies up to 9 blocks in a square of 3 X 3 blocks

In theory, once you find the location of where it is, you should continue to win, until it moves again, sometimes it moves slightly, sometimes its as if a whirl pool has totally relocated it else where.


You CANNOT put this in a Neopets petpage as it doesnt like the codes

  I have found this guide which should help

Below is a 15 x 15 map square, to follow the locations of your search. 

(and keep track of the treasure, this map can be used for guilds and friends to share their map findings

Each box is numbered, eg the first one is box 1 a

the last is 16 o (simple huh?)

to tick the box you have chosen, change the code from

name="1a" value="ON" >


name="1a" value="ON" checked>


1-15 across

a - o down


Treasure Tracker

date / Time (nst) Box No Prize


If you have a facility to make a webpage (I will not help you) here is the code

To add a new line to the bottom of the list.

follow these instructions closely

Open up your code.

scroll down to the bottom few lines

you will see the tag </table>

Copy and paste this code just before that tag.

<td width="83" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">text</td>
<td width="103" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">text</td>
<td width="371" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">text</td>

Launched 1st Jan 2004

Search & Win

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