Coconut Shy

It costs 100NP each throw to play
20 Throws per day Maximum

Coconut Shy Avatar Knock down a coconut at Coconut Shy

Hit those nails in harder, you don't want... *ahem* Sorry, I didn't see you there. Hello and WELCOME to the Haunted Woods Fairground Coconut Shy. Just 100 of your finest Neopoints gets you a throw. Knock down a coconut and win TEN THOUSAND NEOPOINTS, plus a very special (and exclusive) prize!

Hitting the coconut earns you 50 NP, and if you nearly knock it down I'll give you 300.

Roll up, Roll up!
tallest coconut easily wobble but hard to fall, smallest and dark brown coconut hardly wobble but easily fall, if the coconut explodes you get 500,000np (very rare) - cheesycola

go to control panel and click on printers and other hardware. Then click mouse, and then on pointer options, and check the box that says Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key
when playing coconut shy press the CTRL key to see where the cursor is - pixiechicks58

If you right click in the game, then move the mouse to where you can see it in the white and left click, you can then move the mouse un the game and it is visible. It is important that you left click outside the game because otherwise it will launch the stone. I almost figured out where to hit the coconut but it told me that I ran out of turns. I do know that the lighter brown small ones are eaiser to wobble - jjdolphine

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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