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NeoQuest II:



Found: Main character (Act 1)

Rohane is an all-out warrior - he can dish out and take damage easily.

Group Role: Rohane does the main damage in the group. Use him against strong opponents.

Advised Skills: Damage Increase (he needs to do damage), Stunning Strikes (delaying monsters' turns), Critical Attacks (double damage), Innate Melee Haste, Innate Magic Resistance.

While Critical Attacks is an attractive choice, you need Damage Increase more - it relies less on chance, and pays through nicely. Get both!



Found: White River City (Act 1)

Mipsy is a wizard that can dish damage out, but not take it.

Group Role: Mipsy can do some serious damage to everything, and can haste your party.

Advised Skills: Group Direct Damage (meat grinder), Innate Melee Defence, Increased Casting Haste, Direct Damage (against bosses), Haste (beneficial, no more haste potions).

You may be able to survive without Direct Damage, but it is a nice skill. The points that go in it can be used to make Mipsy faster and more resistant - it's your choice.



Found: Mountainside inn (Act 2).

Talinia is an archer - can take some damage, and can deal some too.

Group Role: Talinia can cast multiple targets, effectively attacking all her enemies. Can slow & stun enemies.

Advised Skills: Damage Increase (she does need to do damage!), Innate Melee Haste, Multiple Targets (group attack!), Shockwave (stun), Ranged Shot (enemies attacking her are "stunned").

Somehow, I managed to avoid Shockwave so far. It's possible to survive without it. Slowing gives a miniscule slow % every time she hits someone, but that may be resisted (if it accumulates, however, it can be good!).



Found: Waset Village (Act 3).

Velm is another spell-caster. He can take damage, and is downright useful!

Group Role: Velm heals your team (instead of them wasting their turns), and can deal damage (and delay attacks) using Celestial Hammer.

Advised Skills: Group Healing (heals your party in 1 turn, rather than 4), Celestial Hammer (45 damage + 3 second stun), Innate Melee Defence, Innate Casting Haste.

Group Protection is nice, although a bit of a passive skill - you cast it only once - and you might have spent 15 points on it. Celestial Hammer & Group Healing should be trained first


1. The farther away from the city you travel, the stronger the enemies get.
2. The more creatures you defeat, the faster you will gain levels.
3. Collect items to have objects (such as the wands or Armour) made; it seems like a waste of time in the beginning, but they just might save your hide later in the game.
4. Go back and talk to ppl more than once. You might learn something new!
5. Have patience.*and lots of it* (maps don't hurt either lol)
6.Remember to rest when possible,that is your last save point, the last thing you want to do is go all the way back to the beginning of a level because a few lupes kill you off!


Every time you beat enemies you get experience points, after a while you'll gain a level and a skill point or two.


There are lots of potions in the gains. The enemies will give you healing potions but on shops you can buy more. There are attack potions which do damage on enemies, sometimes these potions won't work good with masters, but try a few. There are potions to make you fast and some to make enemies slower, these are great for masters, specially the ones that like to heal and use mesmerize on your characters.


There's always a grand master in each stage that you'll have to beat. Some masters are a bit tricky. I like using the slowness potions on them. After u beat them, they will give you Armor or weapons for your character and neopoints!


There are 5 stages in the game, every time you beat the grand master, you'll start off in a new place. This is really fun, because it's a change in scenery and some stages are easier than others.


There are many sites on the internet and with a little searching they can be found and will prove to be very helpful in your quest to find your way.

prizes are

If you complete the game on normal level you will receive the bronze trophy, you will also get 10000 NP, and one of the following items

If you complete the game on Evil level you will receive the Silver Trophy, you will also get  30000 NP, and one of the following items

If you complete the game on Insane level you will receive the Gold Trophy, you will also get 50000 NP, and one of the following items

Game avatars

Neoquest II Weakling Avatar

you have to be beaten by a plains lupe - Its in Chapter 1

Devil Puss Avatar

you have to beat the angelpuss - its in Chapter 5, which is faerieland, Cumulonimbus

Cybunny Day Avatar. 

you have to beat a bionic cybunny in Chapter 5

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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