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Illness's and Cures

Hello everyone, there are MORE cures out there for the existing illness's that affect our pets in Neopia, Remarkable Restoratives and Lost Desert Medicine could provide MUCH cheaper alternatives, it is possible you might need 2 of the item with LDM cures, if you find out what the remaining items cure, please let me know so I can share the info.

Erisim Unguent - This magical unguent has strange healing properties - cures ?
Ummagine Juice  - A healthy juice that can make your Neopet feel much better - cures ?
Elixir of the Sun - This glowing yellow liquid may heal your Neopet somewhat - cures ?

Healing Potions, Cures, Neggs, & Shrooms

There maybe an occasion where you need to heal your pet, either from the battledome, a random event, snowager or some other tragic happening that has hurt your pet.

Well help it at hand, so you can see what medicine you need in order to heal your sick and injured.

Unlike the potions, the Elixirs may be taken into the battledome, and heal your pet whilst you are fighting.


11th Oct 08

If your Neopet isn't feeling very good you might try buying some Remarkable Restoratives.

Update : 17th Sept 09 - Now if you visit him (once a day) you can receive a prize, whether its a few neopoints or a discarded toy

Neopets - The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

Somebody has left their Blue Grundo Plushie here. What a poor unwanted little guy, maybe you should talk to him... no, he's just a toy, he won't answer you. Don't be silly!

I have finally been able to confirm to my own satisfaction, the purpose of this poor sad looking plushie that is found on the right of the Rainbow in Faerieland.

If your pet is ill with a disease, visit him BEFORE you go to the Healing Springs, click on the picture and it MIGHT increase your chances of receiving this at the Healing Springs

The Water Faerie says a few magical words and...

All your Neopets have their health completely restored!!!

Healing Potions - These can be received randomly (free) when visiting the Healing Springs
Item Name heals
Healing Potion I 1 hit point
Healing Potion II 2 hit points
Healing Potion III 3 hit points
Healing Potion IV 5 hit points
Healing Potion V 8 hit points
Healing Potion VI 10 hit points
Healing Potion VII 12 hit points
Healing Potion VIII 15 hit points
Healing Potion IX 20 hit points
Healing Potion X 25 hit points
Healing Potion XI 35 hit points
Healing Potion XII 45 hit points
Healing Potion XIII 50 hit points
Healing Potion XIV 60 hit points
Healing Potion XV 70 hit points
Healing Potion XVI 80 hit points
Healing Potion XVII 90 hit points
Healing Potion XVIII 100 hit points
Healing Potion XIX 150 hit points
Dewberry Reviver 175 hit points
Bubbling Healing Goo 200 hit points
Super Strength Healing Potion 225 hit points
Essence of Everlasting Apple 250 hit points

also cures *Mild Cough*

The Elixirs can be taken into the battledome (equip before you begin the fight) and restore the stated number of hp
Item Name heals
Lime Elixir 3 hit points
Ubikiberry Elixir 5 hit points
Juicy Elixir 7 hit points
Pale Elixir 9 hit points
Bombaberry Elixir 11 hit points
Puce Elixir 15 hit points
Healing Neggs
Item Name heals
A magical negg, that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This Negg will give your pet back up to 5 lost hit points Blue Furry Negg 5 hit points
A magical negg, that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This Negg will give your pet back twenty hit points! Christmas Tree Negg 20 hit points
A magical negg, that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This Negg will give your pet back eight hit points! Crystal Negg 8 hit points
Item Name heals
This is one ugly mean toadstool. It is most probably poisonous. Bad Toadstool If its good it will cure your pets disease- if its bad it will decrease your pets hit points by 3
Vitalising and healthy - eat this mushroom to restore your pet a full hit point! Blue Healthshroom This shroom will heal you pet 1 hit point
Lovely and flaky, this mushroom is very nice when fried! Flakyshroom This shroom will heal your pet 1 hit point or feed your pet
A souped up version of the Blue Healthshroom! Green Healthshroom This shroom will heal your pet 4 hit points
Toadstools are usually bad for your pet... Green Toadstool This shroom will heal your pet 3 hit points
This mystical mushroom is the most sought after as it will put any pet who eats it up a level!!! Level Up Shroom pet will gain a level up
Straight from the dimension of goodness, this Mega Power Plus mushroom will do your pet a world of good! Mega Power Plusshroom This shroom will randomly raise your pet stats
What fails to kill you will make you stronger... Strength Shroom This shroom will give your pet 1 hit point
Make your pet faster... permanently with this incredibly rare treat! Super Fast Shroom This shroom will increase your pet movement by 1 point
The most powerful Healthshroom on the market! This one cures your pet of any disease also! Yellow Healthshroom This shroom will heal your pet from ANY disease

Don't forget we also have the full list of neggs and shrooms

If your Neopet is feeling unwell, look in the list below to see what item you need to cure it. You can purchase the cures from the Neopian Pharmacy, Remarkable Restoratives and Lost Desert Medicine or if they are sold out try asking the friendly Shop Wizard :)

Other useful medical information

If your pet gets sick from a disease, and the cure is unbuyable.

here is a couple of poisonous foods, that may give your pet a cheaper illness to cure, with some illnesses they won't work and with some Species of Neopets

Food disease cure
Poisonous jelly NeoMonia Medicinal Soap
Beware of this venomous looking lollypop.... Poisonous Lollypop Floppy Tongue Tongue Shrinker Injection

This one is something to avoid as the cure is horrendously expensive




Yuck, I think this omelette has gone off from being out in the sun too long...

Rotten Omelette


Sporkle Syrup

and don't forget to visit the

Neopets - Faerieland Healing Springs

You can visit here about once every half hour.

Illness's and Cures
Disease Symptoms Cure
Pollenitis Caused by the change of seasons and the blooming of plants. If your Neopet is sneezing horribly and has watery, itchy, eyes and nose they probably are suffering from Pollenitis. Blueberry Lozenge

Crater Fruit Elixir

Mild Cough Not listed at Hospital, cure discovered by experimenting Essence of Everlasting Apple
Neogitus Your pet's gums become sore and swollen. It has difficulty eating or drinking. Slimy Tree Bark

Cherry Lozenge

Medicinal Toothbrush

Bloaty Belly This is what happens when your pet eats too much. Your pet will complain of being bloated and will refuse to eat anything. White Squid Root

Selket Elixir

Boiled Bagguss

Flat-u-less Tablets

Fuzzitus This is an allergy to fluff that all pets get now and again, especially bad for JubJubs!! Weak Fuzzitus Cream

Fluff Be Gone

Achy Head Your pet will have a nasty headache and feel very under the weather. Black Cherry Tea

Aching Lotion

Magic Goop

Shock -A- Lots Your pet's fur will be full of static and anything it touches will give off electric sparks. Ultra Rubber Gloves
Watery Eyes Your pet will look like it is constantly crying even though it may well be quite happy. Healing Gauze Pads

Onion Balm

NeoBlues Your pet is feeling very down in the dumps, it shows little or no interest in playing or eating anything. Steaming Green Tea

Tasty Pie

Floppy Tongue Your pet's tongue has become all swollen and floppy. Your pet will not be able to close its mouth and will drool a lot. Seaweed Paste

Soothing Bandages

Tongue Shrinker

Cricky Neck Ouch - your pet's neck is very stiff and it can't move its head at all. Scamander Slime

Neck Brace

NeoMites Your beloved pet's coat is covered with lurgees that hop around and make your pet scratch. Soothing Stones

Warm Neomites Wrap

NeoMites Injection

Blurred Vision Your pet will see spots and may bump into things all the time. Dried Black Mushrooms

Finely Ground Bean Powder

Minor Healing Ointment

Extra Thick Goggles

Neggitus One too many Neggs can cause an allergic reaction, swelling of the ears and dizziness. Lemon Lozenge

Neggitus Injection

Sneezles Your pet will have a runny nose and sneeze constantly. Sneezle Powder

Magic Cookie

D'achoo Your pet will go into a massive sneezing fit, and its eyes will become very sore. Cobrall Root


Shaky Flakys Your pet will start trembling uncontrollably and its skin will be dry. In extreme cases, the skin may even start to flake off. Clay and Leaf Paste

Shaky Flaky Cream

Grumbles Your pet's stomach will begin to make the loudest of noises and it may be from its food Crumble Fungus

Lime Lozenge

Grumble Be Gone Tablets

Chickaroo Your pet will think it is a chicken, pecking the ground for food and crowing at dawn. Herbal Scrambled Eggs
Bloaty Feet Your pet's feet will swell and grow in size until you give it the necessary antidote. Brilliant Draik Flower

Magic Smelly Socks

Kikoughela Your pet will have a sore throat and coughing fits. Kikoughela Syrup

Kikoughela Drops

Lumps Your pet will be covered in large, yellow, itchy lumps. Talon Root

Sandy Creme

Medicinal Mud Bath

NeoPhobia A chronic fear of leaving the house. Dried Mushrooms

Heated Blanket

Step Out Shoes

Hoochie Coochies Your poor pet will break out in blue and green spots. Hoochie Coochie Tablets
NeoMonia This is a nasty illness that needs urgent medical attention. Your pet will feel sick, tired, and grumpy until you give it the cure. Warm Green Blanket

Medicinal Soap

Neezles Your pet will break out in red spots if it's suffering from Neezles. Neezles Jab
Itchy Scratchies A nasty disease where your pet is covered in amazingly itchy red lumps. Itchy Scratchy Cream
NeoPox If your pet has NeoPox it will be covered in very itchy, contagious red blotches. Dried Prampet Leaves

Spotted Blanket

NeoPox Pizza

NeoWarts Your pet will have big cauliflower like lumps growing on its body. Neowart Fungus
Bubbles Your poor pet will constantly hiccup bubbles. Lotus Leaves

Scamander Syrup

Bubbles Herbal Drink

Neo Flu Your pet will refuse to eat, appear flushed and be very sleepy. Neoflu Jelly Pills.
Fuzzy Fungus In the most severe cases your Neopets fur can turn purple as it begins to turn into a Fungus Ball. Honey Blossom Extract
Ugga-Ugga Possibly the worst Tyrannian disease, your Neopet's throat becomes so sore that all they can do is make Ugga noises. Gwontek Syrup

Sporkle Syrup.

Reptillioritus Caused by a bite from a venemous Reptillior, the skin becomes very red and itchy. Your Neopet will refuse to eat and feel very tired all the time. Cactopus Cream
Doldrums Your pet will start hiding in cold, dark, damp corners and won't come out into the light. Mushroom Ointment
Jitters If you notice that your pet runs around constantly and just can't seem to sit still to sleep, eat or do anything it might have this disease. Fuzzy Pink Blanket

Potion of Containment.

Spyder Bite Caused by a bite from a wild Spyder, your pet will appear very afraid of the Spider Grundo and Spyders. Spyder Juice Elixir.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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