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When you're adding a color to your Web page with HTML, sometimes you can just type in the name of the color. But more often than not, you'll need to use what's called the hex code, which is something that the browser will be able to understand. Choose a color from the colour chart above and look above to get the hex code.

If I wanted the background to be red, for example, I'd type bgcolor="#FF0000". Try it out!

Other useful ways to use hex codes are for chat fonts, or coloured scroll bars on your pages.

Here is a simple code to use for a coloured scroll bar

This code will make the scroll bar the same colour as this one, black scroll bar with a white arrow.

Change the colours by getting a new hex code from the chart above, and then paste the code to your page.

A lot of people add a tracking colour and a 3d bit, I think its a waste of code and time, it looks perfectly ok without them.

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