Illusen & Jhudora are probably the most famous of all the faeries.

Illusen is a kind earth faerie who lives in a glade in Meridell
Jhudora is a dark faerie who lives on a cloud in Faerieland.

Both of them have errands for you to run, if you accept their quests you will have a limited time to retrieve their wanted items and return to them. (you can ask for one quest per 12 hours, so choose wisely who you want to work for).

each time you return with their items (within the given time limit) you move up a level, and on certain levels you will receive a prize (see list below)

Make sure you have enough neopoints to be able to get there items, the price and rarity get higher with each level gained, if you fail a quest you will return to level 1.

Jhudoras quests are the most expensive, although her higher level gifts are said to be VERY powerful in the Battledome.

if you completed level 20 of these quests you could get an avatar

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Illusens Quests

Neopets - Illusen's Glade

Level 1 - Illusens Cream Cookie Yummy cream cookies that are great after any meal or for a special treat. These are one of Illusens favorite treats.
Level 3 - Illusens Potion
As potions go this one is pretty enlightening in an earthy way.
Level 5 - Illusens Comb Keep your pets hair silky and smooth with the help of this comb. No more leaves and twigs in your pets hair.
Level 8 - Cucumber Eye Cream This is the perfect eye cream for the nocturnal pets that don't get much beauty sleep.
Level 11 - Illusens Novel Learn about your favorite faerie Illusen in this gripping novel about her life...
Level 14 - Mud Mixture They say mud is good for the skin. Lets find out...
Level 17 - Flower Cake This cake almost looks too good to eat. Nah!!! This cake was made for a very special pet.
Level 20 - Rain Water Shampoo Clean and condition your pets hair with this wonderful rain water based shampoo.
Level 23 - Rose Shake Illusens favourite drink. This yummy shake is a wonderful treat for your pet
Level 26 - Earth Spell Book Find out more about the spells that the ancient earth faeries used to use.
Level 29 - Leaf Shield This shield was used in many battles by Illusen herself. Use it well in the fight against evil!
Level 32 - Illusens Earth Potion This potion is a great weapon to use against any creature that doesn't respect nature.
Level 35 - Honey Potion This potion is a great way to put your opponent in a sticky situation!
Level 38 - Illusens Scroll Read all about Illusens many adventures in this scroll written by Illusen.
Level 41 - Illusens Blade Keep your opponents at bay with this magical blade made specifically for Illusen.
Level 44 - Leaf Taco This delicious looking taco is a rare delicacy that Illusen makes herself.
Level 47 - Illusens Orb Plant This beautiful plant will make any garden look like a magical paradise.
Level 50 - Illusens Staff This is Illusens ultimate weapon. She only allows her most worthy friends to use it.

Jhudoras Quests

Neopets - Jhudora's Cloud

Level 1 - Poisonous Lollypop Beware of this venomous looking lollypop....
Level 3 - Noxious Nectar This noxious potion will make most any pet turn his head in disgust. Just make sure you don't open it too close to yourself...
Level 5 - Jhudoras Brush Use this brush to make your pets coat super shiny like Jhudoras!
Level 8 - Purple Blob Potion This potion can be used in the Battledome and has an explosive effect!
Level 11 - Jhudora T-Shirt Your Neopet can express its love for Jhudora with this great t-shirt. One size fits all!
Level 14 - Gnome Shroom This shroom is said to be magical and at the right time of day turn into a gnome for a little bit, but no one has proved it true yet.
Level 17 - Caustic Potion This potion looks really gross... I wonder what it will do in the Battledome... Limited Use.
Level 20 - Dark Faerie Magic This tome contains many spells that the ancient dark faeries used to use.
Level 23 - Malice Potion This questionable looking potion can actually do both good and evil. Do you dare to find out what it will do to your pet?
Level 26 - Purple Spotted Shroom Hmmmm... I wonder what this strange looking shroom does. Maybe you should try it and find out!
Level 29 - Clockwork Rat This adorable little clockwork rat can have the ability to scare many a person when it runs around the room!
Level 32 - Toxic Shroom This shroom looks a bit dangerous. Do you think it will help or hurt your pet?
Level 35 - Dark Shroom This fascinating little shroom can do both good and bad. You can only eat it once so be careful...
Level 38 - Jhudoras Potion Jhudora has stored some of her power in this little bottle. Do you dare to use it?!?
Level 41 - Bartamus This grumpy looking fellow can be a fierce companion if he takes a liking to you.

Level 44 - Dark Faerie Collar

This collar is one of Jhudoras personal necklaces. She wears it often for protection and the power of it in the Battledome.
Level 47 - Portable Cloud This clever weapon just looks like a harmless little green cloud, but in the Battledome it reveals its secrets.
Level 50 - Wand of the Dark Faerie This is the magical wand of the Dark Faerie. Only creatures of evil may command the wand.

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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