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Meridell, the land of heroes and legends, was forgotten by the rest of Neopia until a band of unlikely adventurers discovered a strange link to the past. Currently hovering over Meridell is the evil Darigan Citadel.

Meridell is probably one of the more complex worlds that Neopia has to offer. Rather than just one map, it has a main map, and two sub maps.

The map features Meridell's main center of sales. The food shop and petpet shop are both present. It is also home to all of the outdoor activities, such as archery (ultimate bullseye), Dog racing (turdle races), and even a humungous creature that could eat your petpets, which, though not necessarily an outdoors thing, perfectly matches the griffon in several childhood fairy tales.

It seems that the neopets staff were feeling rather humorous at the time of the creation of Meridell. After all, no sooner had the land come into existence than a war had been launched onto its lands. This, you would think, would be enough, but no, not more than a few months after the first war was completed, another war, by the same enemy, I should mention, was launched.

But it gets better. You would have thought that cheese roller was just another stupid neopets joke, yet another of the practical puns that plague Neopians from day to day. Upon closer inspection, it is not. It actually follows a Monty python skit, though not exactly, pretty darn close. The skit can be easily found Here.

It stops there for Meridell, as far as the casual eye can see. Except, wait, I mentioned two other sub-maps in Meridell! So, saving the best for last, lets take a trip to Meri Acres Farm.

Neopets - Meri Acres Farm

EXTREME Potato Counter Back To Meridell Ewww Smelly!

So. This is, as far as anyone can tell, a normal farm. Well, if you don't count the dude in the glasses, the giant water melon, and the gigantic pile of garbage, but hey, every farm has a few oddities, right? Right.

The first thing to explore is potato counting. It is probably the most popular thing in Meridell, after all.

Well, first, there's the normal potato counter. Nothing really very exciting here. A few potatoes, a well placed game tip, and Voila, np.

Well, then there's the other potato counter. It's kinda easy to see, the guy with the skate board and the mowhawk sort of gives it away. This is yet another reason to assume that the neopets staff is mental. This game is the same thing as potato counter, except there's loads of rock music, and the potatoes are flying around the screen. The guy keeps saying things like "Dude man" when you lose, and nothing can make him, shut up.

Well, okay, so that's an adventure, but still, nothing very interesting here. So move along to pick your own, Well, nothing very interesting her either, except a few tasty morsels and loads of dung (plus an avatar). So, what about the giant watermelon? Actually, this one does have a little interest behind it. The watermelon, also known as a Marrow, is apparently weighed in honor of a Marrow that was the biggest in the land.

Actually, this sounds quite like a bed time story I used to read when I was a child. You must have heard of it, the farmer grows a giant turnip, and he cant pull it out, so the wife helps, then the boy, then the girl, etc. Well, this might be enough, but there is yet another story about a boy who sets of to grow the largest pumpkin, succeeds, and then continues growing the largest pumpkin in the land. Who would have supposed that Adam still reads children's stories?
Okay, so with Meri Acres Farm covered, lets take a good look at The castle.

Neopets - Meridell Castle

Invasion Of Meridell Every magical potion you can imagine

Yes, it is big and sparkly. Yes it has a treasury, a throne, some games, and a dungeon like every castle should. Once again, there are some relics of interest here. My personal favorite is Meristones, a replica of Mancala that you can play with one of the castle guards.

This game was actually never played in the castles of medieval Europe, but okay, whatever they say, after all, we all know the neopets staff never got past kindergarten, so how should they know?

Another, in fact, the only other as far as I know, is the treasury, also known as "double or nothing". The treasure room appears vast, filled with gold, and other wonders, but, uh, just one question. Why is it guarded by only one guard?

That's all, you might say, and dismiss Meridell with no further concern. But if that is so, then you are missing out on the last, and possible most exciting mini-map!

The Darigan Citadel has been sitting above Meridell for a very long time now, and shows absolutely no sign of leaving. The citadel is rather empty looking, and appears to be unfinished. The only thing of interest that I have found in it so far is the petpet arena. The petpet arena actually does have a historical meaning to it. During war times, the soldiers would push their dogs to fight each other. The dogs would kill each other, the best dog gaining experience to be used in battle. Just be glad your petpet can't die!

Neopets - Citadel of Evil

Enter the Petpet Battledome!!! Will You Challenge Master Vex? The Loyal Minions Darigan Colouring Pages Lord Darigan's Chambers Darigan Toys

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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