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Wheels in Neopia


So your new to Neopets...

You've tried asking on the chat boards, but just keep getting called NOOB!!

Well, guess what, everyone was new once, obviously, but people are scared to admit, that once they knew less than you..

well don't fear because Nutty will help.

Firstly, you might just think that, you play a few games, and feed your pets. well most of us do, for a while, then you come across a fantastic painted pet, hmmm you think, my pet maybe needs a makeover, 

So there you have your first insight of what it feels like to want your virtual pet spoilt!

so, how else can I spoil my pets?, how else do I become a valued Neopian? and how do I become rich?

Well there is no easy answer to any of the questions, don't fall for scams, don't believe that everyone is nice in Neopia, Just as the Neopets themselves have their own gallery of evil, So do us players, sad I know, and unfortunately that is the only downfall to the whole game., not everyone just wants to get nice things for there pets, there are some players WHO WANT EVERYTHING! these are referred to as scammers or hackers. 

NEVER NEVER give out your password !!!!!
you might get an offer you can't refuse, like, if I log into your account I can get you paint brushes, or I can win on every game and you will be rich... if this was the case, they would just tell you what to do....DON'T BE DAFT!

Treat your Neopet account like you would treat you own bank account, be safe not silly. Free Neopoints has some tips on staying safe and earning easy and free neopoints.


Navigating through the site

every page in NeoPets has a menu similar to this

my account


pet central






Each area has a dropdown menu with more options which you see when you hover over the word

Make sure you check the news every day, there might be a new game out, or there might be a free training session, for your type of pet.

The shops, is what is referred to as the high street. this is the page you will most likely use the most

I suggest you set this as your home page

Welcome to the Neopian High Street, click on a shop to start

You will spend most of you time on this page.

This is where you become that valued Neopian.

below is a chart of detail for each link, you may even want to book mark the ones you will use the most, like the bank and your items.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


1 Your items/inventory, this is where all your stuff is automatically kept, you can only hold a max of 50 items here, its best to store them in your SDB.
2 Your shop, create, stock and price up, you can store items in here to without pricing it, it gets expensive to create a big shop, its 150np to create your shop this gives you 5 spaces. if you've been collecting your dailies every day (as shown in Daily items) you should have items to sell.
3 Guilds, you can choose to join or create your own.
4 Auctions, I would avoid, until you know items prices, you can find good deals here, but you can also lose out if you don't study the prices before hand.
5 The notice board is a place where you can post your classified ads. The more Neopoints you pay, the higher your position in the board! The ads can be for anything, your homepage, your shop, your pet's homepage, anything you want as long as it is Neopets-related! All the entries in the notice board will expire after one week!
6 the Wiz - probably one of the most important- this is like a "shop search engine" here is where you find your bargains.
7 the Battledome - well for a lot of Neopians, this is the reason they play, if you have no idea how to battle, please refer to our Battledome page.
8 Lower ~ The Neopian Bazaar - this is the main set of shops, with everything from clothes to food, don't be tempted to always buy from these shops, if you search the wiz for the same item, you might find that its much cheaper to buy from players shops rather than the Neopian shops.
9 Upper ~ Neopia Central - this is also a set of shops, but this is where the hospital is. YES your pets can get sick. you need to diagnose what illness your pet has, you can buy the cure from there pharmacy, or like with everything else, you can use the wiz to try and get a cheaper cure. this is also where the rainbow pool is, for painting your pets (after you get a paint brush that is), and for the really lazy Neopians, this is where the hotel is. YES... you don't have to care for your pets, you can pay someone to do it for you, they can stay in the hotel for upto 28 days at a time, its perfectly safe and your pets are fed and cared for.
10 The Neopian Marketplace -  you can go to your favorite store or make use of the wiz without waiting for all the shops to display. it costs a lot to have your shop displayed here, these are the biggest players shops, and the shop sizes are in the region of 500 to size 1000. The soup faerie is also based here. she will feed your pet until its bloated, (only people with under 3,000 NP can use it though)
11 Neopets Merchandise News and all future announcements, pictures, sneak previews and new releases will be posted here first. 
12 Price Changes - the Neopian Shops always check their prices against the wiz - just to see if they are charging too much, or too little. This page shows you a list of the recent price changes.
13 The National Neopian Bank - If you don't already have a bank account, create one, and make sure you deposit your NP each night, and collect the interest the following day. it is free to open up an account but the more money you deposit the more interest you get.
14 The Trading Post lets people exchange items safely without fear of being scammed. People can trade with either money or goods. make sure you check the wiz price of the item you want to trade, and decide what you would like in return, you might be offered something good or junk. For in-depth trading post help click here
15 The Money Tree is a place where people donate their Neopoints, and people who are far more needy can come and get them...if you wish to make a donation or see if there is anything going for free. The more items you take per day, the less chance of you picking something up. (you do need a fast computer to get lucky here)
16 Your Safety Deposit Box (SDB) - Every account from the bank lets you have a free safety deposit box! You can store your items in here to stop thieves getting at them.
17 Create a house for your pets, fill it with furniture, build extensions and explore your neighbourhood!

Ok so we've established, there is no easy way of getting the items you want, apart from good old fashioned hard work.

Set your sights on a goal that you want, this might be totally beyond you reach, up to now you might have earned a couple of thousand on a good day.

There are plenty of games in the games room, why not take a few hours and try them all, even if you are rubbish, you will get to know the ones that you like best, and failing that you've probably earned quite a few neopoints (nps) in the process of trying.

Check out our game review pages for decent hints, also do the faerie crossword daily, the answers are posted on our home page, and its an easy 600np

and don't forget the list of freebies/dailies (see Neopets Dailies)

There's just one thing I almost never see mentioned in the advice for newbies or advice on obtaining a paintbrush: the art gallery. You don't have to be a pro to get in- my little cousin just whips stuff out and seems to get in every time (well, all three times he's entered). I hate to give away our secret, but thus far in my guild we've won: a red, starry, silver, Checkered, skritchy-sketchy, invisible, gold, Mystery Island, Maraquan, and yes, the coveted Darigan paint brush. We've also gotten petpet paint brushes (from green to glowing to robot) and petpets like symols and faellies and khonsus. True, they also give the occasional codestone (bleh), but its been worth it for the most part to keep entering (my other cousin's mynci entry didnt get picked on Mynci day, but 3 months later she found a purple petpet paintbrush in her inventory- they picked it at random!) That and you win 10,000 points. Just thought you might like to add that. As I mentioned before, no one else seems to acknowledge the gallery as a place to get a PB - TigrrrLily

Launched 1st Jan 2004