Here you will find out all you need to know about the other quests in Neopia.

Unlike the random faerie quests, you must go to these places and ask for one.

There rewards can be great, they also can be a waste of time.

Illusen & Jhudora Random Faerie Quest Snow Faerie Quest Kitchen Quests
Witches Quest Brain Tree Quest The Esophagor

The Snow Faerie's Quest

The Snow Faerie's Quest

Taelia needs some items in order to complete a spell she is working on... and its FREEZING outside! If you want to venture outside into the snow and find her the items she will reward you most generously.

Once again like Jhudora or Illusen, this is a quest that you choose for yourself. Taelia usually asks for a couple of items - this time you can use the wizard to get the items

"I would be most appreciative if you could do this little errand for me. The items below are the ones I need to complete my spell. Please go out and find them in Neopia and bring them back to me!"

You normally get from 1 to 2 hours to complete these quests and she will reward you with anything from neopoints and items to raising your pets stats.

if the quest is going to cost more than 5 - 10k I wouldn't bother because even if she does raise your pets stats, you could have done that much yourself at the training school, for a lower price.

you can refuse to carry out the quest and then go back later to get another one.

there is no high score

she gives out an avatar if you complete one of her quests

Neopets Kitchen Quests - Oh no! Not ANOTHER recipe! They dont pay me enough...

Mystery Island Kitchen

Ever since the Royal Family of Maraqua lost their home, I have been living on Mystery Island serving food to the great Mumbo Pango. And he is SOOO hungry, demanding meals every 5 minutes. Can you help me make his latest request???

usually gives you over an hour to complete the recipe, the island chef has been known to raise pets stats and give out gourmet food, but usually you get a prize for the similar amount you spend.

Spells, Potions, and much much more...

The Witch's Tower

Welcome to my home... I deal in magic spells and potions. Need somebody to love you? Want to give somebody spots and itches? I'm the person to talk to :)

"I'm searching for the missing ingredients for my latest spell... eheheheh. If you find them for me I will reward you with a treat. Interested?"

Max of 10 ednas quests per day.

Her rewards can be really generous, usually rare spooky food, but they can also be very expensive.

she also gives out an avatar as a random event (very random)

The BRAIN Tree

The BRAIN Tree

The Brain Tree sits alone in the haunted woods... he is the only tree to have developed intelligence, and he thirsts for knowledge.

If you accept his quest, he will ask you a question, your quest being to find the answer in a limited amount of time. It is said that the quests are very difficult... but worthwhile!

he will usually ask you 2 questions, these questions are totally random, there are no clues on the neopets site.

to get the answers you MUST feed the Esophagor twice. (see below) You CANNOT get the answers any other way

Brain tree quests normally allow an hour to bring back the answers

The Esophagor is HUNGRY!

The Esophagor

Living in the ground under the Haunted Woods, the Esophagor is always hungry. When he rises out of the ground, he will always find *something* to eat. So the next time you hear the floor shake... make sure you have some food on you to feed to this beast.

"II AMMM HUNGGRRYYY..... feeed mmeee annndd I wwilll reeewwaardd yoouu...."

Feed the Esophagor and he will reveal the answers to the brain tree request, this can be a very expensive game to play. You CANNOT get the answers any other way

and not all the prizes are worth what you spent

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