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Stuff written in red are my own comments - Lin

Zapped Petpet DO work towards avatars, read down further for editorial quotes that explain what can and cannot happen

Petpet Laboratory Map

You HAVE to have the Secret Laboratory Map to be able to use the Petpet Lab Map, those without the Main map get the following message

"It is said that the Petpet Lab Ray was built by the Lab Ray Scientist's crazed Kookith. If that's the case, you should probably find the Scientist's laboratory first."

Those with the main map get the regular Map page

*evil mew-type-noise*

There are some terrible rumours flying around that a Petpet Lab Ray has been released, and some map pieces leading to it. Heartless owners are zapping their poor Petpets left, right and centre with hap-hazard results.

Note - The Petpet Protection League does not condone the use of such experiments and any Petpets found to have been zapped will be disqualified from their PPL award.

Quotes from the Editorial

If you zap a petpet in to, say, jelly, with the petpet lab map, will it stay jelly even after being removed from the pet, or will it return to how it was before you zapped it? - flippinfrog250
If a Petpet has been zapped by the Lab Ray, and you decide to remove it, it will revert to its original form. This is to prevent people from making a bajillion Neopoints by zapping Mallards into Moltenores.

If your Petpet gets zapped into a pile of soot, and you send the pile of soot back to your inventory and will it turn back to its original form? If not, can piles of soot be sold as Petpets? - 12st3p
I am afraid if your Petpet gets turned into a pile of soot, it remains a pile of soot forever. This is one of the many reasons that the PPL do not support the use of the lab ray. (This isn't true, you can continue zapping the soot until it changes or of course disappears completely or as the question above it states you can remove it and it will return to it's original form ~ Lin)

I was told that the petpet lab ray can make your Petpet disappear. Why? It really dosen't seem fair to make someone's beloved Petpet just go poof and be gone forever. This seems really unfair given that if we remove a zapped Petpet it changer back to it's original form. Could you please remove the "disappear forever" option? Please? - ibis999
The Petpet Lab Ray has to have a down side, otherwise people would just use it as a way to change cheap Petpets into expensive rare ones. It is incredibly rare to have your Petpet turned into a pile of soot. If it happens it is very unfortunate and sad, but what did you expect? You are firing a very unstable and unsafe looking laser at your beloved Fluffy!

Can you stand another Petpet Lab Ray question? I've asked around and gotten different answers, so I thought I'd ask the boss. ;) If your petpet is zapped into a Krawk, can you take it to the Fungus Cave and make a Krawk pet, or is it not an option for a zapped Krawk petpet? ~ thedisturbedprincess
No we can't!

Oh wait. Apparently we can. Krawk Petpets created through the Petpet Lab Ray are not able to become Krawk Neopets. That wouldn't really be fair to Krawk owners who spent millions on their pet, now would it? ;)

Let's say you have a petpet that would originally give you an avatar if left equipped for a long period of time, and then you zap it with the Petpet Lab Ray and it changes species. Will you still get the avatar? Because when you unequip the petpet it reverts to its original form, so shouldn't you still be able to get the avatar? ~ cat6688
Erm, no. :) The reason it reverts is so that people can't make millions and millions of NP by zapping cheap Petpets into expensive ones. For all other intents and purposes, the Petpet is what you zap it into, which is why you get avatars for zapped Petpets. You'll just have to resist zapping your Petpet until you get the inital avatar. You can do it!

The ray also can disintegrate a petpet completely this has been confirmed, Name and Level changes seem to be the most common results from Zapping

Petpets that have been zapped cannot be painted!

A friend has managed to complete the map and has sent me the following screenies

Once all the bits were got she went here and completed then got this

Another friend sent me the results from his zap of an Abominable Snowball

Launched 1st Jan 2004

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