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Petpet Park Plot Prizes
The Return of Dr. Sloth Stats & Prizes
The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot Comic
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe Free wearable clothes (got to be quick though)
Key Quest
  • This Spring, Neopets will be releasing an exciting new multiplayer adventure!
  • Chat with friends as you play Key Quest together.
  • Earn game pieces by collecting Neopets Merchandise or participating in events on the Neopets site.
  • Collect multiple game pieces to receive special bonus prizes and additional features
NeoCash Mall Choose an item and try it on, Buy it with Neocash, See the new items in your Inventory, Place items in your Closet to wear, Customise and save your changes
Journey to the Lost Isle Solution & Prizes
Journey to the Lost Isle Plot Comic
Recommend Neopets Mobile to your friends and be rewarded
with magical beads to fill up your Lutari Talisman.
A mysterious island floats around the oceans of Neopia. It's never in the same place twice, which makes it quite difficult to track, and all the more intriguing.
High in the mountains North of Altador is the mystical city of Shenkuu. Unknown to Neopians for centuries, it was revealed to the world by the crew of the Cyodrake's Gaze after a terrible mishap at sea. Its citizens were cautious at first, but have since welcomed visitors from all over Neopia with open arms... as long as they have their wallets. They are a merchant town, after all.
Altador and its heroes have returned after a thousand year slumber. While the city begins to flourish as it once had long ago, many Neopians wonder how it came to disappear in the first place.
it was a game download for your mobile phone,It is where you go for the avatar if you have the required code
Games to download
Tale of Woe Prizes
A strange, spooky gypsy camp looms out of the woods before you.
Includes links to the statistic and comics
The Tale of Woe (Haunted Woods Plot) - Puzzle Solutions
Old Plots Champions of Meridell (more commonly known as Meridell vs. Darigan)
Battle for Meridell
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Curse of Maraqua
Lost Desert Plot
Tale of Woe
PetPet Park
Altador Cup Prize Shop
Gift Shop of 1,000 Rewards
Lost Desert Plot - Solution
Curse of Maraqua War Prizes
A Trial Jr version of Neopets
World Challenge games, winners get special Map bits
Secret Ninja Training Schoo - For those pets with stats too high for the regular Training School, uses the red codestones
Logic Puzzle plot that was abandoned
It's where dead games go. Games so horrible, so scary that we had to remove them from the site, but now, thanks to this page, they live on! These games that have been taken down from Neopets for various reasons, and now they are available for you to play. You won't be able to send score however, and there are no high score tables.
In a very distant corner of Neopia, a strange town exists built entirely of orange jelly. Nobody knows how it got there, perhaps a magic spell that backfired, or perhaps it was commissioned by an eccentric Neopian billionaire with a sweet tooth, who knows! During your stay, please try not to eat the buildings!
The Hidden Tower is just to the left of the Castle in Faerie City, just under the cloud
Neopets Premium service details page, see Nutty's Avatars Page for an invite
Click on the Discarded Plushie and a pop up box appears usually it has either ... or 0_o, more details are now on Nutty's Healing page
see Nutty's Pets section on Draiks for info (the link is for Meridell but it isn't on the Meridell Map)
see Nutty's Pets section on Krawks for info (Krawk Island)
So you have found your way to my lab, have you? I'm working on a new experiment, a ray that will give any pet super powers, and great strength. Of course it's not finished yet, but if you are willing to take the risk then I may let you have a go.(you need ALL the Secret Lab Map pieces to enter)
you need ALL the Secret Lab Map pieces & the Petpet Map pieces to enter
The Space Marketplace - yes I know the banner is a broken image, if anyone can tell me how you can choose to have your shop in this Marketplace I will add the details here
A statue in Maraqua - still there from when queen Fyora turned her to stone and put her on the bottom of the sea 1000 years ago ~ Horses4ever9
Virtupets Message Board - Gather 'round, all minions of Sloth. Plot the downfall of Neopia! Unless, of course, you'd rather plot the downfall of Sloth himself.
Jelly World Message Board 1) Click on New Topic.
2) Put the following text in the web address bar, and then hit enter: ( just the following text goes on the web address bar, nothing else )

To post on Jelly World Board put: javascript:alert(document.forms[0].board_id.options[document.forms[0].board_id.options.length]=new Option("Jelly World","18"))
3) After you do that a box will pop up that says object, just click ok
4) Then pick your board name from the drop down menu of board names.
Admin Message Board Following the posting on jelly world board you can add the admin. board to your list, just use javascript:alert(document.forms[2].board_id.options[document.forms[2].board_id.options.length]=new Option("admin","27")) instead. This has been brought to you by aigiqinf.
NeoPets Press Kit
This one is in Tyrannia, there is also one on Mystery Island
Shortcut to Tyrannia from Ice Caves
These were the ones that were so very very bad that they didnt make it
Check this occasionally to see if they are doing votes for new ones
(03 59 58 11 41 94 84 19 31 66 deactivation code) doesn't actually do anything so don't worry
The Parrot has been used in 2 plots now
Virtupets Space Station Vending Machine - doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot
You arrive at room 72a on floor 39. A dusty old monitor in the corner of the room flickers with green light... wow! this seems to be an access console which which you can actually speak to the evil computer program itself!! - doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot
Neopets Arcade Try Free some downloadable games, or buy the full versions
Cheat Monster Refresh and get a different message
Wadgets & Ladders Snakes and Ladders, Neopets style, no Neopoints involved just a bit of fun
Tazzalor Aye young laddy, will ye help an ol' pirate out? Ive been singin' this shanty for hours and I can't seem to remember what me favourite food is. Do ya have an idea what it may be? - doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot
Pick The Tatsu Old voting (Old name for Eyrie)
Kau Korral A very old game (shockwave)
Fake Page Just a bit of fun, to do with April Fools 2003
Pet Makeovers brought out as an April fool joke
Tyrannian Volcano Map just something quirky, most the linked pages are broken, but it looks colourful
Coltzan Note doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot
Hubrid's Hotdog code doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot
Hubrid's Hotdog code 2 doesn't actually do anything, was part of an old plot

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